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Knex Update: 10/11/09 Answered

Comments? Ideas? Haikus?


       my haiku

kne'x is very very cool
i like pie because its cool
jollex is coolness

The the apostrophy is in between the k and n not between the e and x. This is how its suposed to be:K'nex

that doesn't sound right. Isn't it supposed to be 5-7-5?

If he takes out one of the "Very"s in the first line, it will be 5-7-5.

 Uh no. If he takes one of the "very"s out of the first line it'll be 6-7-5.

My second guess is you were thinking of kah-nex or something. well apparently it all flows together. There is no vowel in between the K and N shown by the ' so really there should be no saparating sound. I've seen it in song books where they spell over as o'er so that you can sing it on one note for example.

 How do you pronounce knex then?  I pronounce it ka-nex.

I make the C or K sound and flow right into N. It's not that hard. It's just like an added sound affect at the beginning of the word. Think of when people like to pretend radio. kkkkkkk roger that.

Here's the best explanation: It sounds very similar to "Connects", according to wikipedia.

You pronounce it Connex?

Hmm... I say Kn-ex, no o's in there for me...

No, I pronounce it "Connects", not "Connex".  That's the proper pronunciation according to wikipedia.

I just say it the way the guy who invented it says how it is suppose to be said.

Umm... Who cares anyways? :-p

lol you believe wikipedia? Half fact, half fiction. Ok, how about we take a quick grammar lesson? K makes a C sound. There is no uh or ah or eh or any other sound after it. Just imagine that annoying sound radios make when cutting out. ccccccc. The ' means a letter is missing. Probably the o or a or whatever. It doesn't mean you pronounce it though. For example, in the word don't you say dont not donot.
It just flows through in all one syllable.

 Ok whatever, we can all pronounce it however we want to.

I pronounce it the way it's supposed to be, "Connects".

Oops, I forgot Very had 2 syllables.  I was real tired.  Take out all the very's then.

oops no verys should be there

i put the handle on the desert eagle want pics the gun is still not functional.

Can you post pictures of the new desert eagle barrel both parts please!

The turret bow seems kinda flimsy in the first few seconds, but that may just be the camera. 

You move around too much, I almost got dizzy.

Nice blade at 2:35

I thought you said you didn't have many parts in the project G video.

 Umm at 2:35, that was the first barrel I made for my desert eagle that didn't work, not a blade at all.

I don't have many of the parts needed to make ball machines, namely blue rods.

Ohhh, It looked like a blade, that's what I get for listening to videos without the speakers on.

Ok.  I guess I could make a ball machine now, I have lots of blue rods.

PS, leave the turret on.

Comment: Man, try to hold the camera still. I couldn't see 1/2 of that.
Ideas: Use a tripod.