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Knex WA2000! Answered

My unfinished Knex WA2000. It does work and shoots 25FT. It is not semi auto. It holds five rounds. I just didn't want to finish it... Got lazy, as you can totally tell in my typing.


didn't want to finish it? Darn it, this would've looked so cool if it was finished. Also, you were too lazy? Time to un-lazy yourself :) just kidding


5 years ago

I ain't even mad.......I hate that gun.

Hmm, I like the WA2000 design. What do you think of the G11, Calico M960, and Kbk wz. 2002 BIN (will probably have to look this one up)? Those are just three weapons off the top of my head that I find horribly ugly.

G11: ugly :p
Calico M960: Meh, better than the G11
Kbk wz: Bad
2002 BIN: That's bad also.

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT GONNA FINISH THIS! THAT IS NUTS!!! (Okay, I'll stop yelling now). It really is too bad...