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K'nex War 2015! Answered

K'nex War 2015 will be held in Fremont Ohio on ??? at 12 noon Eastern time! Here is a link to the park the war will take place. https://plus.google.com/102662708119502106245/about?gl=US&hl=en-US
Please comment below if you plan on attending. Hope to see you all there!

K'nex, games, community, and BBQ all come together for a day of fun, friends, and learning. This page will be host to many pictures and videos from the event so be sure to check back after the war to view it all.

Those committed to showing
KILLERK + wife


Well who is down for a War!? It has been a busy busy busy summer but I would love to check out the builds, shoot some guns, and eat some food! Gotta do it now that the weather is just perfect.

For a future war, you should hold one in the woods. It would be cool since there would be more coverage and lines of fire.

TR8-2015 hoping for no problems at this year's war. So far in tests so good

I'd like to have another war this summer anyone interested?

To anyone wanting to have a fun afternoon with the K'nex community please come to K'nex war 2015 this year! Just bring yourself and I'd be happy to supply weapons. Just let me know in advance so I can have enough. Wars are much more fun with more participants, so please make time to come this year!

How does early June sound for everyone? Also I know the usual group of guys and girls are interested in showing but can we be expecting any new builders?! It would be fun to check out new builds and meet new people. Hope to see everyone there.

How does early June sound for everyone? Also I know the usual group of guys and girls are interested in showing but can we be expecting any new builders?! It would be fun to check out new builds and meet new people. Hope to see everyone there.

Say, since I won't be able to show, how about some close up pictures of some of the simpler guns? (Mostly tube and stick guns, like Skittles and Knexsayer 2,) since I might have a chance at building some of these guns that have only been seen at the war?

We are yet to decide on a date. Once we figure out who is interested we will do our best to pick a day everyone can make it out! If interested in coming comment below. It would be fun to meet new people/builders! Hope to see everyone there this year!

Time to start figuring out who's interested in going ro a K'nex war this summer and when best to plan it!

Time to start building TR8s!

Love to see some new builders down there this year!


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, here I am... Sounding creepy. From left to right, who are all of those guys, so I can put a name and face to an online account...

Well to start I'm all the way on the right wearing the instructibles t-shirt. Too be completely honest there were only four builders from this site there the rest were people who came to play. (and shoot each other ;D)

another fun war and beautiful weather. Looking forward to building with you all soon.

At the war my TR8 held up flawlessly. I supplied 4 TR8's for myself and friends. 3 of the 4 had not a single incident and shot great all day. The 4th my brother's did encounter some problems only because his gun took a direct hit breaking some pieces and once because he threw it to the ground. So user error aside the gun preformed perfectly and the slide never failed including the charging handle variation. I did find the second trigger band to generate more wear and friction on the gun than I would like so I modded that after the war and the new trigger pin seems at least in tests to hold up better than previous versions. Pictures and explication soon. Added a supportive structure near the handle but more as a preference than need. I'm happy with the gun it shot great even in hot humid environment. Piotmetans build a very nice TR and I hope to build one similar to have one for myself and try it out. Again pics soon of my TR8 from the war and afterwards mods soon.

https://www.youtube.com/user/KlLLERK/videos check out videos from the war here

The first of many knex wars of the day, the builders beat out the tag alongs! I know the angles aren't the best but it makes me relive the battle everytime I watch it.

First person shooter style!


What sort of weapon variety will there be this year? Any combat-ready shotguns? Oodammo pistols? Semi-practical semi autos?

As do I. But impractical to make the drive out there. Just do me a favor and take a DunKillMeZak. =P

Some TR8s with priming handles, some TR8s with different lengths of stocks, some TR8s with handles covered in tires or covered in e-tape, some TR8s with varying pin draw distances, some TR8s with different ratchet mechanisms or with the wheel on the front and some without. Man, the variety is great!

What's a shotgun?

Was just waiting for that. To each his or her own, but I find everyone using a TR at a K'nex war to be just a tad boring when the idea of K'nex is to, y'know, build a bunch of unique creations. Customization maybe, but the same gun nonetheless. Oh well, no huge deal.

just show you have an excuse each year just show have some fun. Bring your guns.

I'd happily compete with my oodammo pistol if I could. But again, it's just not likely for me to come out. The time and money it would take just doesn't make it worth it unless I only had to drive 3 hours away max.

Well if it counts for anything, I plan on using my Zip3 for a round or two depending on how the first one goes. I expect it to go well since I'm sure I'll compete with range.

dude show bring any fun you want! Honestly you'll be missing out and so will we. Always good to meet the community and see new ideas and builds.

K'nex War 2014 is this weekend! Excited to see all the guys and guns. BBQ sounds awesome here is a list of some of the items being brought. Homemade chilli, chicken wings homemade sauce, kabobs, hotdogs and topping of course, fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, pop, water, cookies, and probably a few other items I forgot to mention. So come hungry lol

Ok, make me a possibility! 60-70% chance of coming. It would be nice meeting with some more k'nexers!

Well, I was gonna take some advice from you for that! If you get Zip3 posted by May, then I have a few choices!


Zip3, Zip2, RSLW, or Defiance.


Buzzsaw, Slinghammer (I'm still on to it)