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K'nex War UK England Answered

I was wandering if there would be any interest from you all in a K'nex war during this summer holiday, it would probably end up being around Birmingham in England. If there is much interest then we can arrange a date and location for it.


I guess using the one in the last pic would make the stakes pretty high.

Yes, unfortunately. Luckily it didn't fall directly on his back, but he was still frightened of me for a few hours. :(


7 years ago

is pic 2 bakenbitzs lever gun???

I say good luck to you mate. I'd probably come but I don't really do knex anymore, are you on skype still?

I was under the impression that the UK had decided NOT to follow america in the 'lets all buy big guns because we have the right to protect ourselves!' right. I was obviously wrong.