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K'nex "Wheel-Shooter-Gun-Thing" *UPDATE* Answered

I made a pose for this gun as well as a video. Please check that out.



3 years ago

How well do they shoot? The only advantage to discs would obviously be if they shoot straighter, or glide like a Frisbee consistnatly as you said

Some glide like a Frisbee, others flop in the air. It all (I think) depends on how you load the wheel into the gun. It will fly straight granted you load it in properly, otherwise it has a change to flop around.

Looks great, but what prevents the disc from moving to the side while firing and hitting the band pulleys or some other part of the gun? Trigger looks nice, but does the sear work well?

Thanks. The sear works extremely well. I went through about 4 different trigger designs to block the wheel, as well as a completely different approach using a ratchet. I'm content with this one. I plan to make a video going into more depth when I post the gun.

As to that, on the version I have now, it now has guides on the back where the wheel is locked in so it can't move side to side. But to help, you just need to make sure that the wheel is evenly balanced between the band. Due to that, the wheel does go straight and fires well. But, on rare occasions, the wheel has misfired.

So it's wheel launcher? That's pretty nifty. I always thought discs could be decent if handled correctly, but they tend to swerve uncontrollably. Kinda defeats the purpose of a long-ranged weapon if it loses accuracy past ten feet. Anywho, for the sake of the concept itself, I like it. I appreciate the bullpup-esque configuration for a compact weapon.

Yes its a wheel launcher. I believe they have potential as well, but I've only seen a couple of guns, in this site, that even use this comcept of shooting wheels. This gun is still in development and I plan to finish it up before the contest ends. Oddly enough, during some test fires, this gun actually shoot the disc like the frisbee. But with the tweaking I plan to do, I believe it will be, a nifty gun indeed.

Indeed, they're rare. May I recommend perhaps finding a way to impart spin on the disc for more stability? Like a Frisbee, I'd imagine they'd be quite stable spinning. I'd like to see what kind of range a perfectly shot wheel would have.

That's what I've been trying to do, as of now the only way I can think of is having the disc not being perfectly balanced between the band so when it shoots, it spins. But during the test fires, the disc would always spin. I'll try to do some test fires and get those ranges.


3 years ago

Here are the pictures of the gun.