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K'nex and Call of Duty Answered

Does anyone think there will be new K'nex guns once Call of Duty: Black Ops is released?  Give me your opinions.


im in the middle of a ballistic knife


7 years ago

Why dont you try to make a SRVT-40 its a cool german rifle with a scope its on COD world at war on WII

I was always thinking of making an improved Mac 10 but it's so simple that I never really bothered. I keep hearing the G11 is in but I've seen no pictures. It's a rather boring and ugly gun but I'd love to see someone try making the magazine for it. I can easily see the ballistic knife being made. We could probably use a more modern Arctic Warfare rifle. I think someone made an L96 before but that was long ago so it could probably be improved.

Sorry I can't really help there. I don't have the pieces or the time especially with school starting for me this Monday.

Yeah, probably. If no one does I will XD

From the trailers, the guns look quite similar to MW2 weapons, but slightly different. For example, I've seen an AR15 Commando type weapon and something that looks like a Famas.


7 years ago

maybe some...

I don't know if anybody clever enough will still be making the guns then, seeing as people are leaving a lot... though if they use similar guns to MW2, then no.