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Knex ball machine: Bounce Answered

Dysprosium is almost finished and will be posted within 2 weeks. I am currently planning another ball machine named Bounce. It will be around 3 feet tall with 2 paths. The lift system going to be a chain lift. The first path will go onto a trampoline, bounce onto another, and another, than land in a basket. I don't know what the second path will be so please leave a comment with ideas. There aren't any pictures yet.


 Are you dropping two balls at the same time?

Have the other launch a hoop that goes perpendicular to the flight path of the other ball.  Synchronize it that one ball passes through the hoop when it bounces from the trampoline.  I guess it would be really cool to have multiple hoops thrown in the air that the balls could pass through.  Good luck.