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Knex bullpup crossbow pistol. Answered

This is a pretty intresting gun i made. its a 3 layer bullpup crossbow pistol. it fires about 50ft with some nice power and accuaracy behind it. the trigger is the intresting part. its inside the gun, and when you pull it, it pulls the lock out of the white connector (ratchet) tell me what you think!



6 years ago

Nice =D

I built something almost like this.

looks great! nice trigger btw :)

Pretty cool, i suppose you could make it into a rifle?

Thanks =D i sold my knex ages ago lol.

I'll try to build it if i have time.

Nice! 4*

Thanks, its just really a concept.

That looks cool. Trigger looks very good.

This looks fun, I like it. But, bull-pup means the mag is behind the trigger. And there is no mag. Just some info you should know.

Thanks =D lol, well the action/mech is behinde the hadle, i could just throw a mag onto the gun lol

That gun looks killer! I believe the 50ft part knowing you. =)