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Knex challenge!!!! Answered

Hey and welcome the Knex challenge!! occasionally I will challenge you to under go a challenge and the challenge for today is to make a gun which can fire 3 yellow rods and fast as possible! rules: no chains No motors it has to fire with a pull of a trigger no rotary guns (No gatling guns) each rod has to fire one after another (no shotguns) Has to be fully automatic!!! no cocking involved will you take up the challenge?!!? change: Any size rod.


Go on youtube and search "Knex phalanx gun" I think it meets the challenge.

i would try, but there is no gun that is full-auto with out using a rotary mec.

You might aswell just throw the pieces...

Yes there is because I made a gun which did exactly this I just want to see if anyone can guess how it works

well, would a cog wheel to hold rubber bands count as a rorary mec?

How about a block trigger, with a tube and stick design, and why not toadally copy it off somone else's?=


10 years ago

Using an extended trigger of my crossbow on a gun you could fire up to 4 in a row...2 firing pins per trigger. :D I already tested it with that way too big crossbow that had 32 rubberbands...and each trigger fires like so: Pull down the trigger a bit for one shot and pull it further down for a 2nd shot. The other trigger goes the same, but you pull it up instead. It fits on barrels of guns like mepains sniper.

that does not qualify because it is not full-auto.

Sorry didn't see the line where it said it had to be fully automatic, especially since it only needs to fire 3 yellow rods :/

can it involve recocking of the ram or basically are you asking for a semiautomatic with more words?


10 years ago

and pistol with a mag can do it fast