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Knex dock Answered

Greetings people. I'm T-Nod. I just joined this group, even though I have been active on Instructables for many years now. You might or might not have noticed me, for even though I've been here for so long I have only posted 17 instructables (almost all of them Knex related), with most of them being 'average' to say the least, and most of them were slideshows with incomplete instructions.

One of the few things of my that did recieve a lot of positive criticism though, was my Knex dock, designed for my DS. It wasn't all that special, but it sure was one of the best Knex docks out there. And I did win the third place in the Knex contest with it, along with a nice patch. And today I saw it has reached 4.95 stars, which is an amazing rating!

Looking at how good the dock was, I decided to design another dock. But not for a DS this time. I was thinking of a dock for a book. I like reading a lot, and I figured out it would be easier to read if I had a dock with it. No need to put your finger on the pages, easier holding, reading handsfree. Plus, Knex docks have in my opinion a very high coolness-factor. :-D

But before I start, I want to know; is it worth trying? Is there anyone who is interested in this? Would anyone want to build it? Are there many book readers and knexers on Instructables?

tl;dr, I'm making a knex dock. Interesting, yes or no?


That's great! But I put the project on hold for now. Sorry, but I have more important projects right now.

I definately want to make it, if you build it!

Make it NAO! :P

Good to hear, that's already one person who'd want to use it. Quick reply by the way.

Before I start, I need the dimensions of an "average' sized book. My favorite book, "De Koning van Katoren", is 22x15 cm, and most of my other books are pretty much the same size. Is this different on other places on the world?

I know it's a quick reply, I replied immiedietaly wehen i got the subscri[tion mail...

I don't think so, tiger... just do the normal sized harry potter book, or make an universla stand!

Hm. Uhm, how big is a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings book?

I mean length x width. Height isn't much of a problem, the size of books tend to vary a lot. Some books only have about 100 pages, others have 700 or more! So it's fairly difficult to make a "standard" size there.

ok, hp ot lotr is about 25 centimeter (x)


Okay, I suppose that is a "standard" size then. I'll get to work right away, and I'll show you (and others) my progress as soon as possible.

You could defeat the problem of different size books if you made the dock adjustable.