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Knex dual revolver pistol. Answered

This is my new knex gun! its a dual revolver pistol. it also self revolves! its got a true trigger and is very powerful. the only downside is that it fires a bit to the left on one revolver, and a bit to the right on the other one, its nothing huge though... i am still making the gun better (i give credit to Miles Tails Prower)



8 years ago

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Looks good!
(lol sorry)

weird.... lol, thanks!!!!

Cool, very innovative! Maybe if you would put one revolder end on top and the second on the botton, instead of on the sides. That would make it much more accurate.

thanks! i tried it but its too hard....

Thats got mepains deconstruction turret from a while ago....
Looks really good.

Yup and I win because you didn't have anything better! Yay!

Actually more like Oompa-Loompa's. But I haven't any proof. He deleted all his 'ibles.

Similar to this, though. Just not nearly as much.

Seleziona wants!

lol, im still making improvements...

Firing pin is red..... This would be a good sidearm! Should I build? Cuz i really want to. My friends and I are having a war soon........ Make improvements quickly!

build it now! lol! if u want a longer pin just make the barrel longer!

it'll work with yellows instead of snowflakes, Right?

i dont think so because the metalic blue clip is the rotating mech, you could try tho...

naaaah, i'll try it when i get more snowflakes ;)

nope, can't. Don't have enough white connectors

probably not, its not going too well....

you have got to be kidding me.....
you could use yellow connectors