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K'nex flamethrower! Answered

Holy crap, I think this guy went too far. Really I do.


I'd like to see an I'ble on that. Nobody (that I know of) has put K'nex and pyrotechnics (fire) together with success to create something awesome other than this guy. However I'm not sure that's the smartest thing to do (anybody fancy some melted and warped K'nex?).

Jollex set pieces on fire on his video, and fired it as a fire arrow, but it went out before impact.

Interesting. One could probably add something flammable onto a piece of K'nex ammo (masking tape soaked/covered in something flammable) and shoot it after lighting it, however it would probably have to be a slingshot type of gun, so the ammo fits after being covered in flammable stuff.


7 years ago

i know how he did it. (i could make one too but my mom would be all like don't do that its dangerous) so i won't


9 years ago

"Holy crap, I think this guy went too far. Really I do. " There's no such thing when it comes to knex, really there isn't.

oh ya? wat about a knex oven that bakes pies made out of knex and squirrels that transforms into a srv1 to deffend itself from oncoming blue squirels?

That. Would. Be. Awesome...........Period............Dot.........

ya see that is soooo far its impossible!

hehehe I have see that already but it is still awsome I have done something simalar but with a backpack sprayer and without the knex

hey i saw that before. i forgot about it though.

The most useful K'NEX build for... ever


But the nozzle was not pointed at itself...


holy goodness that is insane

I saw that 6 months ago. Still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

wow!!! i might be a bit worried that the heat would melt my kne :( !!!

Well, it's safer for you if you do it this way... I like the way he has the pilot light and the can rigged.

SWEET I REALLY WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!