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Knex full auto Answered

Here is a knex full auto I made. No magazine or barrel.


UPDATE: the gun now has a 9 round green rod hopper. It works but its inconsistent.


cool. i am sorry to tell you this. if you have not figered out, the rubberbands put a lot of stress n the motor. that means that to many rubberbands and the motor wont turn. this meanes you have to use lots of motors or get a stronger one. also the magazine is improtant. i strongely reccomend that you use a hopper because then there is less stress on the motor when the ram is pulled back. simeply put, when you have a magazine you also need a pusher to push the round in to the barrel. the rund also pushed on the ram making it harder to pull back. with this it is important to have as less stress on the motor as possibal. also wien making the berral make is short, a longer barrel makes lots of friction. you could make stronger by using a whight snowflake peace then a light gray peace to pull back the ram. put more green rods on the snowflake and the ram will be pulled back father. aslo you could put two green rods and have two more green rods right across from them. that would make it fire twice as fast. also you should see my instructable for battle bots. it has a design like this and a really good hopper design for green rod that you could use. good luck making this a good gun. i hope this helps. thank you for reading this.

What? Spelling dude.... BTW bakenbitz don't worry about the critisisms 'tis a Awsome mech.

if you look at that i am saying it is good and telling him one way to make the hopper and barrel. i am not critisising him.

It does put stress on the motor, mine burnt out-although that could have been something else.


10 years ago

i'm gonna start working on making a hopper and trigger system for this tomorrow. but, i probably won't post unless its real good.

Add a hopper and a trigger then you set. :)

wow that was long. lol.