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Knex full auto mech Answered

need a full auto knex mech hat shoots WİTHOUT a cranck or engine




3 years ago


What is believe you're trying to aski for is impossible due to the conservation of energy.

I agree it is impossible.

Not impossible. Just highly improbable.

All you have to do is make creative use of some magnets and viola, there you have it!

Explain....But regardless using magnets would be a challenge because getting them to work with knex would be an issue.

I have not tested them i only have one here is a link to the page http://www.knex.com/shop/16657/14-model-set-magnets-/m/

Use a ring of alternating magnets, have a ball made of alternating magnets.

Add 1 extra north magnet to the ball than you have south magnets so it goes: N,S,N,S,N,S,N,N,S, but in a circle, the ring of magnets goes like this: N,S,N,S,N,S,N,S,N,S, so when the ring is placed over the ball of magnets the ball tries to align the magnets thus spinning around.

You use this spinning motion to power the mechanism and there you have it!

Yes. But, it would very difficult to incorporate that in a knex gun.

It would be difficult but it IS possible!!

All you have to do is make creative use of some magnets and viola, there you have it!

All you have to do is make creative use of some magnets and viola, there you have it!

I gather since you do not know what that means that you have not taken a physics class in school, no? You must be young no doubt (do I really have justification to say that?(im only 14 :P))

Well even though the other guys have given you quite a loud answer, I'd like to add my two cents (as summarized as possible). As far as a mechanism that already exists you may base your idea of Louis XIV's full auto mech. Now that assumes you have absolutely no control of fire rate and you blow through 15 rounds in under a second. I assume the full auto your looking for has control and can be fired in somewhat controlled bursts and unfortunately with your criteria it doesn't exist on this site, and is "highly unlikely" to be possible.

I say highly unlikely because I do believe it's possible. I think controllable full auto will be a mixture between Louis XIV's full auto mechanism and the semi auto counterpart of it, seen in Killersafecracker's semi auto pistol. I also recently had an idea of making the ammo contain the power source, my angle is rubber bands pulling the ammo against the magazine wall and pushed upwards. When the trigger is pulled the ammo is pushed up and launched out of the front of the gun.

Regardless in short (even in my best attempts to keep this short), does a mechanism exist that meets your criteria? Yes. Is it controlled and useable in combat? No not really, to fast. Is it possible to make a mechanism under your criteria? Yes, but it will require a power source of some sort, where it comes from is up to you.

Good Luck on whatever project your working on and I hope this helps a little if any at all.


3 years ago

The closest to your description would be my prototype, however I could never make it work good.

Nothing exists because it's difficult. To put this as short as possible, you'd need several "charges" for each shot you want. Usually this means another rubber band. So you'd need to make a gun that can hold multiple rubber bands and then release them at a slow, steady rate. We have ideas, but nothing that has been successfully made yet.

While the idea of a K'nex hat that shoots fully automatically, without any 'helpers', so to say, sounds really cool, it would be really hard, if not almost impossible, to do.