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Knex gun calibre! Answered

For a while people have been calling their guns white rod shooting guns, blue rod shooting guns ect...  Which in my opinion sounds rather poor so I am starting a calibre system. Here it is...                                                           
  •             Green rods= 1cal
  •             White rods= 3cal
  •             Blue rods= 6cal
  •             Yellow rods= 12cal
  •             Red rods= 24cal
  •             Grey rods= 48cal
                   The calibre is based on how many connectors the rods can hold.
                   If this has been made before I apologise. Please tell me and I will remove it.


This is just as silly, honestly. And caliber more commonly refers to the diameter of the bore that the projectile is being fired out of, not as much the length. In the case of K'nex, the caliber is the same for all rods. Besides, it'd be just another nuisance to have to memorize something like this instead of just using the names of the pieces we're firing to keep things simple.

I agree with you entirely. I am aware that calibre is the diameter. It is not hard to memorise the system It is based on the amount of connectors the rod can hold (except for the green rods), and the whole point of this was to make it sound better. For example TD-AKG 6Cal. Anyway... it was just an idea. Thank you for contributing to this disscusion.


Hate to be 'that guy' here, but a grey rod doesn't hold twice as many connectors as a red. Likewise, a red doesn't hold twice as many as a yellow and green ones don't hold any at all! I get what you're trying to do, but to be honest all K'nex rods have the same calibre; about 6mm.

Oops... I see what you mean. Yes I know the calibre is based on the diameter, (usually) but not always. And finally how can you not bey 'that guy' your username IS knexguy.