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Knex gun combo? Answered

I've been looking for a good knex gun combo (main gun and sidearm) and I can't find one! please tell me what you think I should build.


DJ Radio

Best Answer 8 years ago

BR8, AR-4 v3, knexsayer, ZKAR, Rectangle, etc for primary.

Mezak, TBOS, Oodassault for sidearm.

My opinion.

You're welcome.  When that shipment of new knex I ordered from knex.com comes in about 1 week, that will change.

I'm serious, I'm making a new Jackal v4, with an original trigger that worked when I tested it.

No slide action, different trigger mech, other stuff.  I probably will post this one.

The trigger is actually much better than the one on the ZLG, it only has 1 place of movement, whereas most true triggers have at least 2, which makes it much more reliable.  It's actually pretty clever, I wonder why it hasn't been done before lol.

Well if it blocks the barrel like all other guns it won't be that new. Just cuz someone changes up the pivot points doesn't make it new to me.

No, the fact that it only has 1 pivot point makes it MUCH more reliable than the average true trigger, and you don't lose a bunch of power because it blocks very far back.

ZKAR v2 as primary

And the SN31 Assault Magnum as a secondary.

They work good together.

I'd use an oodammo pistol as a secondary weapon.  SN31 assault magnum was a TDS copy if I remember right.  Setups like that only went 15 feet for me.

Practically every handle fed pistols are TDS copies. TD is just lucky he posted his first. And, mine went 30 feet with ONE rubberband.

Actually, looking back, it's a loosewire copy, TD made a completely different handle and more people use that than loosewire's handle.

Yes, but it is a good grey connector shooter.

Nah, I've seen better.  Besides, oodammo pistols are more accurate.

Something with the mag in front of the trigger.

But then the bullet can fall out?

The mag friction would prevent that.  If it was true bolt action or a turret, it would have a bullet lock.

Face it, the handle loading pistols are obsolete now. 

Yeah......but I still enjoy them for realism.

Lucky? Lol it's because I posted mine that side arms became a fad. I don't think anyone else had a side arm like mine planned at the time. But yeah side arms are small so it's pretty hard to make one that's original without just changing the looks. It's a good thing oodammo broke it up to start a new one. I guess technically I was first to make an oodammo pistol but I know that others had their own ideas at the time so it wasn't just me.

Well, good, not lucky. And yes, oodammmo is the next fad.

I'd use
2 LSS's unposted
2 SALSA's (if I could get them to work)

Why SALSA?  Sure semi autos have faster ROF, but they are also weak and only go about 10 feet, not enough for even CQC knex wars.

Do they shoot salsa?

meh. mainly for a high rate of fire, If they get past me with an LSS they are going to be that close anyway, so I might as well have something that I can unload onto them in under 10 seconds

If I see you using either yours or ooda's salsa, I'll just get my unposted oodammo pistol and shoot you from 40 feet lol.

SALSA went bye bye 30 minutes ago in a fit of childish rage (not really)

 Id have to say for a sniper: WWII Springfield by MrStealth and
                                                  Eliminator Assault Pistol by KSC
 For an assault kit...............: TR18 with vertical foregrip by KILLERK and
                                                  Oodassault v1 by The Dunkis
 For a guard.........................: Knexsayer by Mepain and 
                                                   Shifle by Mepain
 For a heavy.........................: I I_Am_Canadian's cannon v3 and
                                                  OSSR by DJ_Radio 

Why a shifle?  I would replace it with a ZKAR.  Faster ROF, more reliable (no string needed) and better performance.

I really think a TR18 is enough.
But I would take a TR18 and a E.A.P for my "combo".