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Knex gun idea Answered

I need really good knex ideas. If i like your idea , i will make it. I will also make instructions too!


Not sure how experienced you are, but check out my topic not too far down the list. I have a contest with a concept to build that shouldn't be too difficult for experienced builders. You get points for effort, not for winning, so it's worth a shot if you're up for it.

How many people have entered so far?

Not sure, I think at least four people.

Ok I think Senior Waffleman finished his gun.

Thats nice. Thank you for telling me about it! I will work on it ritht away. I will combine ideas into 1 knex gun with instructions. Fallow me on instructables to see the reveal of it

Here's one I've had for a while:


Very good idea i might think about it. Thanks for the idea and also thanks for the first post. I still ned more ideas though. I will combine all of the ideas i like into one