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Knex gun projectile propulsion ideas Answered

So I'm looking for stuff beyond what has already been done. Pin guns are everywhere, slingshots are yet again pretty common, hammer guns have been made but don't have the same performance as the others, and then you have "rail"guns which have a shuttle that works similarly to a pin, but can have the track extended. We really need some new ideas here. I specifically do for my current gun as I have a wicked cool loading mech, but absolutely no propulsion mech and limited space to fit it in. Anyone have ideas that are completely different?

If you suggest the following, because they have been done before, please try and make a mech that makes it more innovative still:
deconstruction magazine
multi band ratchet (multi shot slingshot: if anyone comes up with a magazine to replace of bands, kudos! Plz post dat ***!)
a hammer gun that gets some f-ing range for once (we're talking 35-40+ ft without needing glued parts)

Some ideas I've come up with that I haven't seen (and haven't made either...) are:

enclosed trebuchet (probably spelt wrong, but google wanted me to say "Bucharest" so I'm just going to leave it as is) (an arm picks up a round at the back of it's arc, then comes forward like a hammer but doesn't rely on impact for round firing but acceleration instead)

newton's compound cradle: a pin comes forward and hits a shuttle out of a catch, with that shuttle being pulled forward by bands so you have the impact acceleration, then even more from the other bands

switchback: a pin comes towards the user, hits the bottom of a lever (hammer) which comes forward and hits the round

If you come up with others, or mechs for these, please comment with your idea! Thanks, and let the innovation continue :)


I know this is not really new but a good mag fed yellow rod shooting slingshot would be super cool.

The hard part about that would be friction between the rounds and keeping the band centered right behind the yellow. You would need it to have a bolt mechanism and a completely enclosed guide system. Definitely a good mag fed slingshot though, one that doesn't require more than one action to load/prime it

If possible, one that could fit within the space that I have on this gun would be great. I could maybe expand it a bit, but shoot for this.


never mind about the space constraints, just think of something wacky for my next gun. Doesn't matter if it's crazy, in fact I want something as completely out of the box as possible