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Knex gun with a true trigger? Answered

hi, I keep on finding instructables on knex guns that say stuff about true triggers. What is a true trigger? How does it work???? Thanks from a guy who cant make knex guns


A true trigger is a trigger that is pulled inwards in order to fire. It is exactly the same as a real gun, hence the name true trigger. A true trigger will never operate on an axis that is parallel to the barrel. True triggers and block triggers are often referred to as opposites, since they are the two most common types of triggers found on k'nex guns. They are also most often pulled with your finger, whereas most block triggers are pulled with your thumb. It usually works with a pin that has a joint in the middle, and also a little piece at one end forming a 90° angle. The straight end goes through a hole in the barrel, and is fired when you pull the firing pin back. it is stopped by the true trigger. when you pull on the small piece at the other end, the straight side drops and the firing pin accelerates through the barrel and hits the bullet. The true trigger is also often connected to the handle of the gun, so that the true trigger is operated by the finger rather than a hand pulling down. Many examples can be found here at Instructables.com. I hope this helped!


8 years ago

A true trigger is one of 3 named k'nex triggers. The other two are theblock trigger and the very rare Sears trigger.
A true trigger is basically just like a normal trigger. I put a pictureof a real life version below and my own true trigger gun, for you tosee. All of my guns are true trigger, but I am working on my first sears trigger!


a true trigger is when the trigger is by the pistol grip of your gun if you have one and you pull it back so it pulls a rod or connector down blocking the ram back (check it out on my m110)


9 years ago

a true trigger is a trigger in which you pull the trigger forwards and backwards instead of side to side.

A true trigger is a type of trigger where you pull it, and the gun shoots. a lot of guns use a hybrid of a block true combo. this is very good but some people get tire of it. a block true hybrid is a type of trigger that blocks the ram from hitting the bullet, and when pulled out of the way, it shoots the gun. pretty much no one likes a block trigger, but true trigger are way better. take a look around at some guns to see how the trigger systems are made. hope this is worthy of best answer!

"A true trigger is a type of trigger where you pull it, and the gun shoots." That would be the definition of any knex gun, not a true trigger...

*cough* a true trigger is really plain and simple. Many people mock the block triggers on this website which i consider childish. A true trigger works the same way as a block trigger, it blocks the firing pin before striking it`s ammo. I`t also feels realistic and looks can be impressive. A true trigger can be placed anywhere on the body of the gun, but mostly on the handles of most guns. True triggers don`t have to look nice. Basically a true trigger is just another way to stop your pin from striking its ammunition, but in a more efficient way.=]

A gun which does not operate on an axis parallel to the barrel.

Basically, a "true trigger" has the same function as a "block trigger", the only thing is that you pull it like a REAL gun, so with your finger, not your thumb. Sometimes there is a block trigger connected to a true trigger.