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Knex gun Answered

um i have the knex big air ball tower and the thriller or something like that rollercoaster. Also some parts left over from the starburst spinner set. im gonna make a gun cause i already have one pistol but i wanna know what gun can i make using those parts and how powerful. id like it to be a sniper but most of the snipers i dont think i have pieces for. dont worry about difficulty i can build anything (not to brag)


the B.s.R raptor, The Z35, oh you said you wanted low pieces lol how about the mini SR-V2 (or V1 im not sure)

and if you want looks try viccieb1993's sipriani rifle or the VSS vintorez (forget who its by and im to lazy to find out!!)

hope this helped!!!!

I would suggest viccieb1993's spirani rifle. It is one of the highest rated guns of all time because it is powerful, long range, and is sweet looking.
Build the v1 because it uses the least amount of pieces. Here is a link to a gun https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Sipriani-V30-FT210/
it was in the top 10 guns of 09 so itsa pretty awesome
hope that helped

TR-V1 for low parts BR-18 for shot # KDTG for Strength Imperial Shotgun for grenading ammo, Sipriani RIfle V2 for range/power/looks, and ipod-killer's sniper for total all around function.

benfoxg's M1 Garand

i pierced cardboard with it

el diablo r45 knex assault pistol

any others that one is a little vague plus i like ones with magazines so i dont have to manually reload every shot

you can make a slingshot w/ a mag...... there is one on youtube.

Try making a slingshot mechanism, it is powerful and does not use too much parts.

Sling 1.jpgSling 2.jpg

the dd 27 assault rifle