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Knex guns modeled after real guns Answered

I'm looking for instructables that show you how to make guns out of Knex that are modeled after real guns. They don't have to be perfect, just look very much like the real thing. (Example: The SOCOM pistol in Metal Gear Solid is DEFINITELY one I would love to make). Also, I would like to see the Halo weapons. (I saw a pic of the energy sword, but it wasn't an instructable). Anyone nice enough to take the time to tell me, please reply with a link in it so I can make them. Thanks to everyone who helps me out, and have fun building.



10 years ago

TO ALL WORLD WAR 2 FANS: im starting to make a m1 grand MODLE which will turn into a real working gun (bolt at least) ive got the clip of the m1 made, here it is | | | V


nice but how will it work? I've had my own idea for an en bloc clip although it would have been quite as realistic.

modle? when its real thing i might fire all bulets at once... m1grand MG style, or will have a drop down mag

Bummer I thought you might use the en bloc clip in the working model too. My idea is rather simple. I was going to use that sticky note idea from hobo lord to stick a bunch of bullets together. Then I would have a permanent auto loading pusher in the bottom of the rifle. I just have to work out the auto shutting door mechanism.

tryed making a door and didnt work

I just got done with my concept. As soon as I come back from vacation (Coming back Thursday) and post my AK-74 I'll take it apart to start working on an M1. I might actually just make the magazine and door mechanism and leave the rest to someone else. I'm good at replicating guns and I love WWII weapons especially but I don't really feel like building a rifle.

well he hasnt, hes away if u read first line

i know hes away, but he will when he gets back hopefully :)

look at my newest forum, ive posted m1 garand pics in my wwii guns

kk i can give it a try when uve made the bangolear and door

Oh and i can't make this clip ... i know you've made it look simple but i just cant get it hopefully itll be clearer whgen youve made the whole instructable

arh... u dont have the bottom vew... its 2 ornage

comes up wid no toppic

my machine gun is modelled after a real one! JK


10 years ago

make a RPD from cod4, will be good

cod4 game over.JPG

10 years ago

I've built a K'nex M14. There's pictures on KI, and I made a topic here that is still pending.

My m4. Shoots grey connectors, not very powerful though.


10 years ago

There is tons of guns based on real ones !


10 years ago

M4 not the best but still good looking


making guns modeled afta real guns is hard due to the limits of knex building.

I know, but I've seen some good ones, like this one guy made a FAMAS that kinda looks like the real thing (you know, its not perfect, but still it looks decent). What about the Halo weapons? They are probably even harder, right?

On youtube, tomboyRme made a ton but doesn't like other people posting instructions

I saw a couple, but they were already built and I couldn't make them because the vids were just to show them off, not how to build them. At least not the ones I saw. But anyway, thanks for the info. If you know of any vids that show how to make them, could you tell me? Thanks man.

Well he said I could post instructions of the carbine and a while back I asked him if I could do the brute spiker. He said no.

I just checked why he wouldn't let me and I guess he thought I would take credit.

winchesterhey, you've seen his winchester gun right? can u ask him permission and make it? that would be awesome!

Cool. Thanks man. How soon will it be up?

Oh. Yeah, guess that helps to put the pics up. lol

Which version do you want the May 15th, or the July 15th

May 15th If it uses hinges to collapse, then July 15th. (I have no hinges). Thanks.

Ok I think I can edit it a small amount so it can hinge on July 15th. By the way it doesn't use hinges. I'll get right to work

You guys can check out my Gnasher RBG and my Halo 2 pistols
Halo Pistols:https://www.instructables.com/id/EUUMUAYF2FQJWL2/

Thanks man. I already got your Halo pistols on my favs.

I've seen one that looks similar to yours, but has a few differences. But, could you post an instructable for yours? That would be so awesome.

erm that was originally mine but they made it and modded it

dont worry, killerk had the same problem when someone said that he copied everyone else's guns, tisk tisk some people just don't check the dates.

Oh. Well, could you post the one that you sent the link for? They Both are pretty cool looking.


10 years ago

The energy sword looks really weak...

Yeah, but like I said, it's not my sword. I found the pic and saved it and posted it to show ppl what I was talking about. But even then, if it is weak, it would still be cool to make it just for show.

I knew it wasn't yours. Anyway it's a good idea to make halo weapons. Since February I've been thinking of different mechanisms to make a needler.

I was thinking that the needler would be one of the cooler guns to make, even if it didn't fire. If you do make one, could you send me the instructable for it? I would really appreciate it.