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Knex hammer action turret rifle Answered

A Knex hammer action turret rifle. The gun shoots inconsistently, anywhere from one foot to 18 feet. Sometimes the bullet wont even come out of the barrel. It was made purely for looks over mechanism, but it still functions.


I'm trying to figure out a mech for that

I've been looking into it for like a year now, it has a lot of issuese but it would be a good weaponary system

Doesn't seem like it should be all that hard given you just have an axle to connect the hammer and the lever to, making it such that the lever pushes the hammer but isn't directly connected to it.

If figured it might be a possible alternative to having a long pinned weapon if you instead put a lot of rubber bands on a relatively short pin (or hammer in this case) and then used the leverage of a, well, lever to cock it.

Hope one of you are able to pull something off someday. It'd be a cool concept to be sure.

Giving the statts of the gun probaly being 5 layers that would mean it would either have an 1 layerd hammer or a three layerd hamer with either and internal or external lever push, with the internal one it would be given that the push would exist out of 2 seperate layers making room for the 'pin' or 'hammer' that would mean you would have to re'enforce it,and if it would be external it would be atleast 7 layers and would be hard to operate, thus making this a hard build

but I'll see what i can do

Perhaps make it a lever action hammer rifle instead?

Sweet gun, man. Kinda weird for a turret gun to not shoot well though. Chopping the barrel off would help. I like the hammer and trigger mech, and how the hammer clicks when you pull it back like a Colt SAA.