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Knex innovations is down. Answered

just tried getting on there and it's down. maybe forgotten to pay for the site. btw check out my site: it's for video tutorials www.elliottstutorials.com


Crestind has asked me to help remove all topics related to the old KI site. The old site snapped and is now a page of ads. A new site will be up shortly. Please remove this topic.


10 years ago

What's all this talk about KI being down permanently? Don't worry, it'll be back up soon.

Get notepad++ that's what I use and it has every programming language on there.

nice! i don't know html. i know some code from hacking my DS but thats it(and batch but that is so easy to learn it does not count)

so the big deal is that some people are gonna loose their instructions? seeing as they also made ible, coudnt they just copy past from their ible to whatever new site is created?

Most guns on KI were never on Instructables.

Did you just come to the K'nex forums to troll? Piss off.

Maybe I misunderstood what he was saying, but to me it sounded like skate6566 was thankful that the KI Knex guns were never posted on Instructables. Which means either he doesn't want Knex guns on Instructables or he thinks the guns no KI are not good enough.

Gigacities is going through some routine maintenance, so you may see different screens at different times. This host should be up within the next few weeks. Also, no data has been lost since backups have been made. In addition, we will be switching to a paid host this month, so we'll have full uptime and we'll be adding loads of new features.

KI is down because gigacities is switching owners and going under maintenance.

Ya, its down. Too bad too.


10 years ago

Yup noticed it too...if it permantly shuts down, then its really sucky for the people who posted extensive instructions on their knex guns :/

The shutdown is probably due to the admin not paying the bills.

Try www.gigacities.net, thats down so that explains it...and its free hosting btw..

yer lol rubbish host mines the best :)

Well if it stays down permantly then your guys are welcome to come to my site. I still have to add some knex categories but that wouldn't take long at all and then I have a request forum where I'll add any forum topic requested for as long as it's not a stupid idea.


10 years ago

Yeah, I saw that. I thought something was wrong with my computer.