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Knex is better than Legos! Answered



You misspelled "different" in the title.

I say you can build more with Lego, but k'nex are still cool.
  • Lego has been around for more than 50 years
  • Lego has themed sets (Star Wars!)
  • Lego is running three magazines
  • Lego has programmable robot sets (mindstorms)
  • Lego has its own sport (FLL)

This is made fully out of Lego, need i say more?
lego batman.jpg

Theyre both good in their own ways. Knex is better for building guns (unless you know this guy) Lego is better for buildings etc. Knex is better for rollercoasters, lego is better for big vechiles like spaceships etc. I could go on a lot longer, but I don't want.
BTW: it''s Lego without the S

I've played with both knex and Lego, lego is easier to build with, but I'm better with making stuff out of knex. I just like using knex more.

Why do people say legos. Grr!

I cant understand where people got the term 'legos' it doesnt say on the adverts 'New legos models in stores now'!

just watched your video of sony vegas 9 it was pretty cool i'm probably going to get it

The reason why knex is better than lego is that with lego all the sets have completely different pieces and pieces specific to that model which means its harder to make your own. Where as knex has a set number of rods, connectors, micelanious etc which means its much easier to build different models with because all the pieces work together a lot better. There are a few model specific pieces but much less. However, having said that the new knex is awful. The point of knex was it wasn't flimsy (micro) and it wasn't bricks.

Knex is better than Lego! Not legos.

In what sense?
The way I look at it, K'nex is much easier to build with and requires less pieces to make bigger things. Anyone can pick up and learn K'nex. But it's limited.

Legos have much more possibility. You can make far more detailed and complex things with legos but that requires much more experience as well. Looking at guns alone, the mechanisms can be quite amazing and do things that K'nex could never accomplish.