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Knex is running a contest! Answered

Hey gang, 

K'nex is running a great contest for their younger fans. It's limited to ages 5-12 but there are some great prizes. Even if you are older than 12 it would be great to help a younger friend or family member pull off a winning project. We'd love to have an Instructables member take home the grand prize! 



I entered last year, and there were no weapons or anythng allowed.

knex hates too see people building weapons of their invention. that's one of the reasons why they started to produce and make that crappy bricks and microknex... i hate them.

Don't forget it's US and Canada citizens only.

Why does everyone forget about Europe -_-

:( you're right :( I think because K'nex is not european

K'nex has a European operation, they just don't seem to do much.

I entered one of them around 4-5 years ago, and the prize wasn't half as good back then as it is now. :-P

I got into the finals, but it was all based on popularity, with people voting instead of judges. I don't know how they judge them now.

Im actually so annoyed. Knex UK has done absoloutly nothing with their site or even bothered with the UK knex community. Ive been wanting to enter the knexpert tournment Uk for about 5 years now. I never even got the chance becuse they havent held any. And yet the US one has done one every year.

Hmmm, I guess knex guns would fall in the Ultimate Model category. Remember, photos should be taken on a blank white or blue background, not parquet flooring, shag carpets nor mutilcolored bedspreads of any sort.