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Knex logic bow review. Answered

this is logic boys logic bow review.

comfort: 10/10 - comfy handle and comfy grip.
power: 10/10 - insanely powerful.
looks: 8/10 - looks good.
innovation: 9/10 - nice and small compacted firing system.
accuracy: 10/10 - very accurate.
piece usage: 9/10 - uses barely any pieces.
stenght: 9/10 - the handle is a bit weak, nothing huge tho.
reliabilty: 9/10 - if you have the pin taped up well, your good to go.

overall: 74/80 - fantastic gun from logic boy, build it now!



8 years ago

"build it now!"
No spank you.
Also, dude, you need to start being realistic about your reviews. Seriously.
3 10/10's? 4 9/10's? One of the most important reasons for giving a review is to give constructive criticism, and show what could be improved. If you say  "OMGZ SO GOOD BUILD NOW 1000000000000/10", that doesn't help much, now does it?

good advice here im bumping so kgb will have another gander at this and hopefully it will stick in his brain

i built the gun and judged it on what i saw......... so i dont care what you have to say

That's fine. Just thought I'd give you advice on how to give a helpful review.

I don't worry quite as much about how the community will look upon the reviews but how big people's egos will grow when seeing their reviews.

Why would you want someone to have a huge ego?

Exactly. You read it wrong. I said that the community being misinformed isn't my biggest concern but the egotistic builders are.

Is this a reference to his post on the knexsayer?

No, just a reference to Beameron being egotistic in general...

Despite the fact he puts Beameron at the front of every single 'Ible he makes..., despite the fact that no-one else does, and that his name is printed directly under the 'Ible's title, with a link?! Plus his terrible spelling and grammar pisses me off, but I 'spose that's the 'k'nexer standard' (needless to say I revoke that comment if he's not a native English speaker). I also think I got him confused somewhat with Undermig, who is worse... (demanding x number of subscribers for ANYTHINHG he makes)
     Nevertheless, that would seem to prove that Beameron is at least somewhat egotistical...?

Oh, that makes more sense... For some reason I thought you meant something like this: "When I write a review, I don't care if it's true, I'm just trying to boost the ego of the designer."
Then I was like: "WTH, Dunkis lost it!"

So thanks for clearing that up. =)

Lol I never really like reviewing other's guns because I'm so harsh. I should be but people would be all over me for it. Fore example my thoughts on this gun (though I didn't build it)
Comfort- 7 at best. The handle doesn't look perfect. I haven't built it though so I can't perfectly judge that.
Power- 7 ish again. It's not the most powerful gun. Why waste energy on a firing pin with friction when you can transfer the energy from the rubber bands directly to the ammo?
looks- 5 ish. 5 is the middle of 0-10 right? It's average and that's being generous because I don't like the looks all too much. That's opinion though.
Innovation- 5 ish. again the concept has been used before though better.
I won't bother with the others again because I don't have the pieces.

That's what I'd say. Except power. I'd give it an 8. If the range is correct, that is.

Range and power are near the same stat. They relate in the same way as mass and weight do. The conditions of one thing creates the conditions for another in a certain circumstance. The only major difference is when using different types of ammo which....mostly any gun can do so none of them deserve special treatment. If it can shoot a yellow rod far I call it good. Oodammo is a plus. Finned ammo is also a plus but don't use them to judge range exclusively.

That's....sorta what I meant. I was saying that if it actually shot 140 ft. or whatever, the power must be good. But yeah, that's with finned rounds.

I would agree with you on comfort.  There are white rods in the handle poking your hand since there are no wheels or special panels.

Power- whatever

What I would disagree on:

Comfort- Those white rods poke your hand but its no big deal.  I'd say 7/10 there.

And suggest a trigger mod, I know one that could be used already.

if u add wheels its more comfy and the trigger is good

the placement of the white rods is right under your palm so they don't dig into your hand.

They don't dig into your hand when you first grab it, but when you cock the gun, it's a whole different story.