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Knex on Mythbusters Answered

UPDATE: I have posted a link to this on a mythbusters sugest a myth forum. Cross your fingers everyone!

I'm sure most of you have seen at least 1 or 2 episodes of Mythbusters, but wouldn't it be cool if one of our knex guns or other creations were actually on the show. Post a comment saying your name if you want to sign this and then, in a month, I will submit this to the Mythbusters themselves. Every week I will update the count. Remember, the more people, the more likely it will actually be on the Mythbusters. I just need a few more and I'll post it on their comment board.

People so far

Axiys zx
Knex mad
knex gun builder
Big Z
logic boy

Update: so far there are 39 people who signed this petition. Keep it up!!


add me if this is still going

Add me aswell, if this thing is still going

hi guys here is a myth I read a 3 inch thick slab of k'nex could be used as body armor against a low caliber gun. Add me as well

ok, 'm in, add me: H14T4TCH1

Big Z

8 years ago

Add me too, I'd bet Gorkem's rifle could kill some one, but you'd need to hit them in the eye. From point blank range. Two to three times.
But still, a kill is a kill.

Someone made ammo for IAC's heavy cannon with a knife attached to it.

yeah! and while your at it, i should point out the part of their name: MYTH in other words, they dont care about knex guns of corse your gunna argue that theres myths with these guns except you just made them up, so they dont really count

Uhh, yeah. Right...
And James Bond isn't the star of each of his movies....

A giant, 2 million piece Lego ball is not a myth, they did it on the show. A christmas-themed rube golodberg machine is not a myth, they did it on the show, and i could go on forever.


that's right, because they did that ball because they saw a vid on youtube with guys making that giant ball an all they wanted to know was if that ball could hold the pressure :)

 ^I agree with you..
I guess I just didn't watch it much then

It doesn't matter. They have taken so many fan requests it's more of an issue of the Knex company not letting them do it. They built a huge ball out of legos so why wouldn't they build this.

because that was part of a myth and the fan requests all have a myth I can only remember one episode without a myth and that was the rube goldberg 10 people is definitely enough for a petition and the mythbusters are definitely going to give special treatment to people with names like 222222222539 with half of which sound like they are in bed before their show comes on What do you expect them to do, start the show like a show and tell with a knex gun? Even if you make up a myth, you wont get the audience behind it like the lego ball or the inner city surfers

 They actually had an episode where they took a fan request to blow up the kid's mom's car. 

You can't judge a person by their name first of all. Here's why 1. First of all, I'm 14 2. I've had the name since I was 8 3. I can record every episode and watch them anytime And as for the supposed 1 myth that was a fan request what about blowing up the car and I know there are many more I just forget them.

And the audience will get behind it if they think it's possible. I'm not just talking about lethal guns here, but what about a launching knex roller coaster powered by a homemade mini rocket that goes 100 feet up or something. Or how about a knex car that reaches 50 mph. Knex would not only let Mythbusters use their product for those but they may actually help them since they would set a world record.

you can judge people by their names, expecially when they picked them ex: kiteman - maybe he likes kites? one thing about knexs and legos are that you cant see the setup in a large scale thats another reason why you haven't seen them on there if they say something busted, they would get too many fan messages saying they did it wrong. (thats if they had the audience) I mean if the video with an Indiana Jones bolder made of knex instead of lego, then maybe it would be on mythbusters knex has not appeared on the show for the same reason tinker toys and Lincoln logs haven't (actually, wouldnt surprise me if they used lincoln logs)

mythbusters is about busting or confirming myths. Not about picking some item and see what you can do about it. The only "myth" I can tell about k'nex is that the k'nex company or those builders of the big knex builds have made this 100 foot tall k'nex tower. There's no picture or article to be found on the internet, and guiness doesn't show enything on world records about k'nex. I'd be glad to help them build this thing too.

put me up there but make a myth like a ball machine that can drop a ball at 30 mph or the 1000 foot tall tower

Put me up there!

Before you try sending a request for MythBusters to do something with K'nex, how about finding a myth for them to try to bust because that is what they are supposed to be doing. For example you could look in the forums to find someone claiming that they have made a K'nex gun that has killed something or that it shot some unbelievable distance which makes it sound like a myth and then get the facts that they'd need to test such as: -What gun was used? -What was the ammo? -How many rubberbands? -How far? -What did it do? I would like to see K'nex on MythBusters and I'd happily support you on a petition like this but I will not until you find a myth/myths which they could test.

Until someone get's killed with an actual K'nex gun (which obviously no one hopes would happen) there isn't really going to be a big reason to test it. However, with the recent venture into internet viral videos and them having already tested the paper and elastic crossbow, I think they have potential assuming we make a gun strong enough and test it on something that would confirm a likely kill. We'd need to advertise the heck out of the video until it becomes really popular and Mythbusters gets a hold of it. I already made a thread on the discovery site.

It doesn't have to be a human which is killed. I'm not saying this is true but I think one of my friends once said that he read in a comment that someone may have killed their dog with it or something like that. Many myths could be found if one looks throught the forums here. Lots of people claim that their gun are some gun has shot some hard to believe distance or has pierced something which seems too strong to succomb to plastic toys.

Great, I can see a lot of people shooting at squirrels and rabbits in their yard in the near future. I guess that'd be a decent way to open up the myth "A K'nex gun can kill a small animal but can it kill a human?" Of course I don't encourage anyone to actually hunt down animals with a K'nex gun...is that even against the law?

I don't know if it's illegal but if it is it may go under animal cruelty because it may not kill to fast and effectively as fire arms and cause an agonizing slow death of blood loss or such.

It probably also depends where you are hunting such as the state or country one is hunting in.

a knex gun proberly could kill someone if you shot some on with I.A.C heavy cannon with sharponed ends continuesly to the head.


7 years ago

MEEEEEEE! I want KNEX on MB!!!!

i want to sign thisits awsome


8 years ago

add me i geuss

 Sign me up!

 add me

dude put my name on that list i love mythbusters they are the coolest people ever

put meh name on there please

Haha, add my name pl0x.

 Put Seleziona on there. It will be awesome if they put knex on mythbusters!

I want to sign....


8 years ago

Already sent a email to Adam, no response.

hell yes!
I actually have though about asking them if it is possible to kill someone with a knex gun, (iac hc v1 with a sharpend rod on the tip of the bullet prehaps?) sign me up!

They've done LEGO sooooo many times!
Get them to try and make a perpetual motion machine from knex!

Add me!!!!!!!


8 years ago


Dude, Why am I not on this??  I thought I comented a long time ago. Anyway add me.