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K'nex plus bow Answered

After seeing the topic On kl about a K'nex Nerf crossbow, I thought. Why are we so intent that ONLY repeaters can win K'nex wars? I go to nerf wars, and almost EVREY gun there is single shot. And you know what? the single shots win. and in K'nex the repeaters almost alway will break at some point in a war. So I made a K'nex primary. but made under Nerf primary terms. I give you, the knex + bow.

Now, I am prepared for 200000 flames about this gun. you guys are going to say "it's just a killerk pistol" Or if you look closer "it's just a Dd27" well, I dont give a **** I like it and I think if I ever go to a K'nex war with k sayers being used I will win. Please don't flame.



Any more pics? And this is actually quite good!!!


9 years ago

Nice I REALLY want it!

you can get one soon as I am almost done with an ible. but what you can do now is get the parts! Connectors: Yellow: 29 red:6 grey:6 orange:12 green:5 Light grey:6 white:29 weakend grey: 1 (see pic) rods: grey:6 black or clear: 1 yellow:2 blue:18 green:28 white:49 other: tan clips:2 y hands:2 black/green hinge:2 blue hinge:2 blue spacers:20 grey spacers:6 pointy hinge:1youre a liar :-P tripled up #64 rubber bands:2 small rubber bands tape

Cool thanks! I'll wait a while though :( :)

I really like that. Try adding a bit more to the stock is my suggestion though. Good work!

I think its fine. and I'm going to make a pistol to go with this.