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Knex question. Answered

Does anyone know who's is stronger? Oodalumps's cannon or I_Am_Canadian's? They both look monstrous, but From looks, Oodalumps's looks stronger to me.


hmm, i would have to say I_am_canadian's because it just is.it looks more sturdy and well built but both of them are incredible.

ur right, oodalumps's cannon uses less RBs and gets just as much power from what i hear

no really only 8 big rubber bands, although he uses 48 he has to string them.

Handheld also has 16 elastics! So I am guessing more power!

IAC's :)
Longer Barrel + More rubberbands = Stronger than Ooda's

I've build Ooda's and was very powerful but IAC's has a longer barrel making it have a longer boost part than Ooda's

Ooda said you could extend the barrel to up to like ten feet long.

10 FEET? Damn, than you would have a cannon that would be like: 3 metres?! Jezus Christ (sorry), thats long! Maybe i'm wrong but i still think IAC's because it uses more RB's

Hmmm, IaC's does have like, a dual bow thing going on the front, doubling the amount of bands that can be loaded. I'm gonna guess that's why his is stronger.

No doubt about it! Ooda's rocked my world :P I shot it at my Force Target but it exploded :? Guess i'll have to write in the I-ble for the thing: -Not recommended for cannons- XD

i would say iac's

his is also better looking and seems stronger( i am talking about the body)

Here's a photo to prove it. Witha ll my amazing mods :-p


What's the photo sposed to prove again? I'll believe you, but adding a photo of a modified cannon doesn't show me who's is more powerful.

Oodalumps only uses like 2 elastic bands whilst IaC's uses around 48!

you have a point there..................we forgot how many RBs it used with all the hype

I'll go with IAC, but...I thought you had like no pieces...

Mine shoots farther (150 ft) while canadian's hits harder (due to the bigger projectile).

Mine could shoot farther than 150 feet. I just fired at a very small angle.

Mine could also shoot farther, but it would take too long to load it with so many rubber bands.

IaC's what, micro, nano, mini or normal? I would say all of them have more power, but I may be wrong.


9 years ago

I_Am_Canadians is way better!