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Knex sniper rifle contest Answered

Ok guys

you've got to make a sniper or just a rifle
you can enter an already made gun

so a sniper rifle or just a rifle!!

you win: 5* on all your ibles and a subscription and i will also advertise your stuff for a week!

the deadline is: 30th april
same as someones micro gun contest




1ST: MOTABOI (gets full prize)
2ND: REC0N (gets sub and 5* on 3 ibles)
3RD: DJ RADIO (gets sub and 5* on 1 ible)


I like how the other 2 were replicas while mine was just made purely for performance.

you win... only for looks though... but it still is freaking awesome

What if I enter the NAR? Insta-win?

He made the NAR, and it's the most powerful ramrod gun ever made.

No. My TR 18 shot 290FT with 5 #64's, My NAR shot 275FT with 8 #64's.
Nuff' said.

My TR only goes 130 with sniper rounds and 4 #64's.  The NAR I used to have went about 175 with 7#64's.  Nuff' said.

The TR has 18 shots (Or 8). but the NAR has 1.

Silly boys, most powerful doesn't always mean most range.

Not really. It can shoot farther however, as it can hold a lot more bands.

But the TR is more rubber band efficient, then the NAR.
 You can't put more then 8 #64's on the NAR. 
Like I said before, My TR 18 shot 290FT with 5 #64's, My NAR shot 275FT with 8 #64's.

The NAR can hold more than 8 bands. It all depends on how many you can pull back.  All that oodalumps said was taht he could not PULL BACK MORE THAN 8 BANDS.I have had 13 bands on it and lost the round in a lake after 200-250 feet of flight.

More then 8 BREAKS A BLACK ROD!!

No it does not. I have had 8 bands on a gun without a ram guide, and i could have put on more, so with a ram guid it should hold more than 16 bands, but i doubt many people can pull back that many bands.

Bad luck for you. i have had more than eight bands on and so has DJ and Whaleman.

Actually more than 15.  I've shot it with 8 bands.

Power isn't really the key factor, but accuracy and straightness.

Ooooh! An argument about two completely different guns built for two completely different purposes! May I join?

With Sniper rods (duh)

CONTEST CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I change my entry to the OSSR-2?

Ima change my entry to my repeating slingshot M82 Barret .50 caliber sniper rifle replica. pics tomorrow!