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Knex snipers, how to make them better Answered

As i was working on my own knex sniper, which still needs a lot of tweaks, i began to think about all of the possible ways to make it better, a friction-less (something like killerk's srv1/2) barrel, maybe a better trigger, stock, even ammo type to get the most range out of your sniper, the point of this is for you to post guns for a certain trait like, barrel, trigger, stock, etc., so that someone, maybe me if im up to it, can combine the parts to make a better sniper, or just improve our own :P...



8 years ago



The one I'm working on is a sear design with a tube barrel. I get 65 feet with blue rods and 70 feet with metal slugs. Oddly enough, it looks rather similar to rec0n's but mine is fairly short. I don't believe in a fake barrel for aesthetic sake; that is just more wait. No magazine either. The "pusher" adds friction to your round decreasing power and effecting range

I agree, the only time there should be a barrel on a rifle is if its sling shot, and even then its not really a barrel, and for the magazine you could have something like DJ Radio's AR-4, which has a magazine, but its true bolt, also kind of like my slingshot sniper