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Knex table hockey, Bartboys claim to knexpertism Answered

This is my table hockey game from knex. it is big. really big. I got inspired by Corner Gas and Dsmans pinball machine. I might post, but am building a foosball attacthement. Enjoy the pics and videos. Bartboy now an official knexpert!


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9 years ago

can i'z be knex pert to???????

heres the video

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything I can do for you? I guess I owe you one......

no I don't need anything for it but i still have to do the other video

im uploading the first video to youtube

sigh i guess i will do the video tomorrow....................

Those videos are long downloads - if you put them on YouTube, you'll get more people watching them (many more, because you'll get the youtube crowd as well).

And when it finally downloads, all I get is sound, no video.

sorry to hear that, but my parents wont let me use youtube, so maybe someone else will do it for me, and same on my computer, if you let it download completely, it dissapears, so don't wait too long

You know that Instructables' servers are ment for mostly networking not as a downloading server.

get up at 2:00 AM, then post your vid on youtube


sniper 001.JPG

The official AR-4 Commando Sniper Remix, a spin-off of the AR-4 Commando v2!

Spam is nasty, they should take it off the market..........

I agree. What is that stuff anyway? Did they take all of the unmarketable parts of the ham and blenderize it? Or is is just random blender hoboes? Does this conundrum blow your mind????

Yes.. But it was like the 5th day in the woods with no cantact...

I HATE SPAM! Even so, this is impressive. You shouldn't have posted the pervious, er, three or so versions, they just made you look like a bad builder.

well, first of all, are you talking about my other AR-4 commandos, or the other guns? second, i would not have had either the mind or the parts to build this gun a few months ago....................

Your other AR4's. Fair enough if you didn't have the parts, and I agree that skill comes with experience.

well, the AR-4 original and the unofficial Sniper remix were never posted...........

i guess your a knexpert now...

You were already a knexpert damnit......

This is my claim, anyone with any doubts, this is my Proof