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Knex transformers poll Answered

 I am considering posting my knex transformers 09 Bumblebee revision or Jazz. I am very busy and have only this month to post this poll. To enter just post a cleaver comment and I will judge if I will post my knex transformer by how many I get. If I don't get enough I wont post. The poll begins today and will end on September 20. I will make my decision on the 21st. There is one rule, I will not post both. So, happy posting.
 So just as an update, seeing that no one cares for Jazz, I am deporting him from this poll. The poll is just about over and seeing that I have about eight posts, I am very close to making my decision. 
 If anyone wants to know if glitched is still posting, it is doubtful in my opinion. He told me personally that he is very busy and I believe it too.
 Keep up the commenting and happy birthday jandeboer25! 


thank you the previous was wrong i meant the shoulder pieces of jazz

many thanks the both look really great

please post bumble bee
cuz i dont heve those parts that connects the arms to the shoulders

ps the 21st is 4 days before my birthday



7 years ago

bumblebee is pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, dear battlefront,
Please listen you silly runt,
Post bumblebee,
Or ill stalk and kill thee,
I will fight to thy death,
Without even taking a breath,
If thy do not post Bumblebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Writtin by Hiyadudez.