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Knexer ratings Answered

I would like to find out how everyone thinks of the knexers here.
Rate form 1 to 10
1= Horrible
2= Very Bad
3= Bad
4= Not Good
5= Getting there
6= Okay
7= Good
8= Really Good
9= Awesome
10= Knex God

Now just rate these Knexers
3.Perfect Duck

You cannot rate your self
Example Post:
1. 10
2. 10
3. 10
4. 10
5. 9
6. 8
8. 7
9. 8
10. 7


I'd like to propose an addition: if a K'Nexer has only published weapons, subtract 6 from their rating.

If a K'Nexer has never published a weapon, add six to their rating.

(I'm finished with the spoon now, dear.)

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Old news, knexgun - read that post in context with my other K'NEX posts, and you will see that I am being constructive.

Don't forget, "constructive comments" does not mean "only say good stuff" - it means "say stuff to make it good". K'NEX has a bad image here, and I am doing my best to fix it. It doesn't help when those I am trying to help throw it back in my face.

why can't we reply to posts that happened a while ago? it can't hurt

Except when it drags up and restarts arguments that had been forgotten. Plus, I didn't say knexgun couldn't post, I just pointed out that his comments were on an old thread, and wrong, presumably because he hadn't bothered to read any further down the thread, or any of my other related posts.

True, but I don't do that, do I?


But you do get bored and dig out two-month-old comments.

yeah... *scratches head and looks ashamed*

Are you a pacifist or do you just dislike the fact that most 'K'nexers' cannot spell or use correct grammar? Am I correct in thinking that you are a teacher? I thought I read a post that said something along those lines once, or maybe it was someone else...

that means ALL of the people get less than 4!


The topic says nothing about gunners. Just about K'nexers. a couple of these guys have made things that are not guns, but those are on KI, not here.

Pardon? Are you saying that members here are posting their projects elsewhere?

Banish the heathens! They are not true iblers - their loyalty is tainted!!

Well a lot of knexers have resorted to posting everything on KI necause everyone here is dissing the knexers.

It's a viscious circle - if K'Nexers only post guns, they get dissed. Because they get dissed, the decent bilders go elsewhere, leaving only those who post guns... You need to break the cycle - somebody with a number instead of a name posted a nice Big Wheel and a motorbike yesterday.

Because they get dissed, the decent bilders go elsewhere,

so, just because we like to make gun out of knex we are not good builders?

OK, maybe a poor choice of words.

Instead of decent builders, how about creative builders or imaginative builders or those builders with a wider repertoire or more mature builders?

You get my point, though - as long as the K'NEXiblers focus on guns, and post them with out-of-focus pictures, and poor instructions in bad English, then their reputation will not improve.

post them with out-of-focus pictures, and poor instructions in bad English, then their reputation will not improve.

thats just a stereotype.
this instructable has clear pictures and everything.

Yet this more recent one has blurred shots of the most complex part.

And when you simply read the first words of recent introductions, you find over thirty examples of poor spelling and grammar before you even look at the actual Instructables - things like cuz and u and i, plus an absence of punctuation, repeated words and bizarre word-orders.

dsman, you are an exception to the K'NEXer rule - you can use a camera, spell, and you even post non-K'NEX projects as well. Rather than moaning about my comments, shouldn't you be working on your fellow K'NEXers to remove the need for my comments?

I am not the only non-K'NEXer to hold these opinions - I just seem to be the only one who cares enough to try and help.

I truly hope you realize you're talking about children. And you expect them to take the time to spell? HA!

If they can spell properly for me within the time contraints of a lesson, they can certainly spell properly when they have all the time they want to produce an Instructable!

They spell properly for you as to not look stupid. With an ible, they just want to get it done and don't feel the call for impressive spelling and/or grammar. The good ibles, as you see, do have good grammar and spelling. Dsman's tend to be good :)

It's a shame, lots of people think "oh, it's only the internet", and don't realise that anything they type there can come back to haunt them years later.

It can? If you mean the spelling, instead of their words then I'd like an explanation on how it can come back to haunt them. And for the record, DSman195276 isn't the only K'nexers who makes good 'ibles ; )

It depends how deep a potential employer decides to dig when they're checking you out. Even without knowing my username, it would not take much for a half-competant researcher to find me here. A few minutes browsing my posts, and what sort of impression do I make? Hopefully a pretty good one. If most of my work was badly-written, though, it could harm my chances of employment (especialy as a teacher!).

Sorry to be picky, but in a post when you fight for spelling you have mis-spelt 'especially'.

I doubt that they would really care about a comment you left on a website when you were a child that contained some poor grammar...though I understand your point.

I guess that age would play a role in that too. Are they going to judge you about something you wrote when you were a kid? I doubt it. Now if you were older, then it could become a problem.

It wouldn't be the spelling that damned you, but the attitude that allowed the spelling that damned you.

They need some sort of excuse not to hire you...

Well that's a given, but would they judge you on the attitude you had as a kid? Sounds pretty mean to me....

  • Starts thinking about comments he made while a kid *

I know, I know....it was a simple example

Don't know about you, but I'm nearly 15 and CAN be bothered. When will people realise that to stop being 'dissed' then we must try and make people use the simple spell checker!

I'm fifteen as well, and yes, I made sure to use proper spelling and grammer to the best of my abilities, seeing as I had two days to post it.

Good to hear. Being picky again, but you put 'grammer'.

LOL, okok I was tired and I'm not as good with the keyboard as I used to be, since my computer broke.

I am thirteen but I still use proper grammar and spelling.

There is a trend here. All of the decent builders and regular viewers use good grammar, but all of the 'n00bs' give us a bad reputation.

So, you need to organise a small team of established K'NEX names to hand out advice to the new names.

Some other groups here organise themselves off-site (for instance, creating their own chatrooms, or Google groups) so that they present a united front on-site.

Well I have been giving out messages to the new knexers along with dsman.

Well I haven't gotten many replies but the people aren't posting any bad guns.

Some people just don't have good camera's, but I agree that the quality of most K'nex instructables is poor. The thing is, that we probably won't be able to remove the bad entries. A lot of the people that post them are young ( under 13 ), and most kids don't care about it enough to post a good quality 'ible. If we try to move the K'nex to KI all together, then all the bad instructions would end up in there. There's also a lack of a way to call out to all of the K'nex community on this site, as not nearly everyone reads forum topics, and addressing them all seperately will take ages. In short, because everyone can post almost anything they want here, it's a very hard problem to solve without a good community of K'nexers