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Knexer's Quiz 3 Answered

Hey guys! Im back with another Knexer's Quiz 3. You may, or may not remember the last two quizzes, as they were around 4-5 months ago. Anyway, here is a link to the past two quizzes, check them both out first so you get how to answer each picture:


Also, please only answer ONE picture, as it is not fair for others who want to play.

As of once again, the first picture is me, as an example.
  1. Hill + Yard sale + Dudel + (Z)                      (Hiyadudez)
  2. ?
  3. Eye (I) + American Idol + Canadian           (Congrats Stale56)
  4. Florida + 2nd Place + Burning man          (Congrats to DJ Radio)
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. Owl City + England + Monday                     (Congrats Knexguy)
  9. ?
  10. ?
Good luck, and happy guessing!


Yes, but I already guessed that. Hiyadudez gave up on updating this topic, I dunno why.

and is 9 Seleziona?

And 10 is shadowninja31

Flonine  (his account ) look at my other comment first!!

4. FLOrida+2Nd place+burnINg (add E) Flonine look at my other comment for a link to his profile to prove hes real i got the last one as well

#2 => BARRett 50.cal + AXe = Barrax


8 years ago

#10 is Shadowninja 31 Shadow-Ninja-31


8 years ago

#2 is barrax Barr-Axe


8 years ago

6. LOdGIng-Cone-BuOY???

Got the last one right, and the first one, partly, right.


Shadow+Ninja+31 years old candle=Shadowninja31!


2. BAR + (R) + AXE


Actually the correct formula is: BARRet 50 cal. + AXe

Ah correct. I had the idea of a BAR machine gun stuck in my head..(slaps head)

10th pic: Shadow+ninja+31= Shadowninja31.

DUDE. Delete this, I said answer ONE only.

Was that little detail written in fine print or something? Because I totally missed it.

It clearly says above:

"Also, please only answer ONE picture, as it is not fair for others who want to play."

Well either way, I totally missed that little detail. Kinda like how I missed the detail that you have to pay the full cost of a product up front if there's a rebate for it, then wait for the money to come back in a few weeks.

Only if you give me credit for figuring it out.

Don't be like that dude, It clearly said not to.

Fine, but only if you correctly answer this question on the first try: 12-6 cloud: Yes or No?

Uhmm... Im fine thanks, I'm a bit too young at the moment :-)

5. Kill Bill + Eragon + (k)

10th pic: Shadow+ninja+31= Shadowninja31.

And just why do you want to notice that the answers he and I posted are the same?

Firstly, because they are exactly alike, and plus he admitted it below.

Whats the point f writing it out again, I knew it when i put the answer to no.3

Correct, but someone answered that one 2 minutes before you :-P