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I don't understand why people say that they are currently in the process of making so-and-so gun. Its total bullcrap. you don't need to announce it because I'm pretty sure it would have and better reaction if they were surprised then disappointed. I'm just saying.



the comment you were replying to is 6 months old...

I forgot to add {/sarcasm} to that last comment

Well, It helps to build up hype, and get more views/rep. Its fine with me as long as the advertised gun is posted.

If the item is good enough, then it will get enough hype without advertisements.

Yes but you always want more rep... But i just tell people i have a secret project going on...

You don't get rep from telling people about innovative guns, you get rep from showing people innovative guns.

You get more rep from showing and telling

you lose rep from telling but not showing (reference to killerk)

1. yes, but Killerk will post his sniper...

Thank you for posting that meaningless comment.

GARG Do I really have to explain it to you?

That's what she said.

well, the very best guns have some sort of advertisements. KillerK advertised his SR-v1 for months IAC advertised his cannon for a few weeks...

Just showed to two or three peoples who wanted updates.

Im taking it apart... Still have most of it though. Why?

Just wondering, because you said you were making a huge cannon in some post or other. What did you think of it, howcome your taking it apart?

I liked it a ton. It was a tad bigger than It needed to be though. Awesome mech.

Just taken mine apart! :O Making something, special (average)!

I see all this talk about rep' Since when do you have a reputation over the internet? I mean wow. It's unbelievable how concerned you all are about rep on a website. especially DJ Radio. But seriously just post your stuff when they are done.

Well there is a sort of pride even on the internet. Once you get involved in a community online it's no different than having a group of friends in your town. Some of us like to show off and to gain respect from others. Honestly I don't have anything to give in real life. My friends could care less about knex guns (although they find them a little cool) and I can't do anything else impressive and so that's when I turn to online where I can actually impress people with something. I do have friends and real friends so I'm not saying I'm a geek I'm just saying I have no real talents that they care for.

Lol could we just officially pronounce me as "Wisest Knexpert'?

I dont feel like sucking up to anyone quite that much at the moment... :-P

instructables is like a home for me where u don't feel left out especaily with knex and the dunkis i know u give me a hard time but give me a break

*claps* I only announce big projects like the XM8 in forums but otherwise I do still comment with pictures to get people interested in small projects. I dislike those who post out their entire plans because half of those things get dropped.

Note that I will post all the v2's i said I would post. I am making one, and have plans for the other 2.