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Transformer : Kneximus Prime - Now With Video Answered

This is my latest Transformer Creation.
These pictures are compared to the actual toy for a sence of scale.
More pictures can be found http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=621

I wasn't happy with my previously posted Optimus it wasn't accurate and was lacking so I reworked him from the ground up.

I am not going to post instructions for this, Please don't ask.

I had to re-upload the transformation video, some hacker took it down.  

Here it is again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIchZK2O_gM


more pic

can you give pic of side (big pic)

i'm with sdfds on this one glitched if you are not going to post instructions then at least give us a little something


7 years ago

if you (glitch) not going to post the instructables, can you tell us where we can find them, or could you at least post some more pics (detailed ones) of some parts that aren't visible on the current ones?

i' ve got the instructions of  knex optimus prime and i give it to you if you give me the instructions of ironhide. i would like if somebody react to this. 

hey will you please post some instructions on your optimus prime pretty pretty please!:(

That's awesome, you should try making Bumblebee.


8 years ago

you have got 2 post that!!!

can you please post it,? there isn´t a better optimus prime on the whole internet!!


9 years ago

You are the best

Are you going to make the gun and the sword?

Optimus: I've been made with knex

how talllll????????????

words can't describe your talent glitch

As seen in the pic. win! hahahahaha

optimes prime.jpg



9 years ago

holy crap.. THATS AMAZING!


Love it. Saw it on KI. Simply the best knex transformer you have made yet.