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Knexsayer vs. BR18 Answered

Well I personally like the BR18, but I have never built the knexsayer. I would like to get some votes.
Please tell me which one you prefer, and why...

Thank you for your contributions!




BR18 pros: -18 shots -low part use -high range and accuracy BR18 cons: -Must wind up the turret to reload Knexsayer pros: -pump action -Medium ranged -Very sturdy Knexsayer cons: -very heavy -uses too many parts.

Why is everybody here saying that the Knexsayer doesn't shoot as far as the br18? And it's only coming from the people who haven't even built the Knexsayer. They shoot the same distance. Stop giving a worse name to people on Ibles.

Fine. I will say that BR18 gets medium range instead of high range.

i checked out your whole photobucket account and you turned your br18 into pump action. you need to make some more great guns!

thanks ill come up with something new whenever i get inspired to do so lol

now if someone can make a pump action while still keeping the stock decent, we would have an official minisayer.

So, he got like 200 + feet. Let's see one of your guns get even 100 feet angled.

OSSR can go 180-200 angled.

Go ahead and try to get a shot off every second...

I think that compared to the bigger snipers they both get medium-high range (something between the two)

"Sniper" is a very vague term. Are you talking about slingshot guns? Slingshot guns shooting sniper rods can get longer range. If you're talking about generic guns with a long barrel, then you're very wrong.

I would probably assume he was talking about slings.

Im gonna build the BR v1 and check it out sometime. I do have enough knex, I bought some last week.

How many #64's are supposed to be on the Knexsayer? Because I built it and got about half the range of the BR18. Even if I use 2 #64's on both. (Yes, I built it right. Yes, I'm sure.)

Oh, ok. If I use any more than 3, the part that pulls the pin back breaks off.

You're supposed to tape it.

No, not that. I taped that part. I mean the connection of that part to the actual pump, which would be nearly impossible to tape. (I mean the area where the yellow rod connects to the pump with a white connector and an orange connector.)

I get around 90 feet on my old BRv1 with 2. I imagine the range would be super if I put 4 or 5 on.

Lol, my new BRv1 with mods works without tape.

knexsayer way better the br18 unless somebody mods knexsayer to have 18 round turret.

I would definitely say the BR18. BR18 Pros: 18 shots Small and compact Reliable Long distance Cons: Medium reload time. K-sayer pros: Innovative K-sayer cons: Short range Only 8 shots You can only use one rubberband

Knexsayer get's the same range as the BR18. My opinion is if you want something just to play around with, go with the k'sayer. However if you want something for a war, the BR18 is what you need.

The Knexsayer gets better ROF, but has a smaller mag. The BR18 has a larger mag, but worse ROF. My solution- put a BR18-ish mag on the knexsayer.

Use the BR18's rotation mech, and let the pump pull the pin back.