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Knife Sheath Question Answered

Alright, here's my question. I ordered a knife (which should be coming soon) that comes with a Nylon sheath. Though there might not be any problems with the sheath itself, I've always preferred leather sheaths. Thus, I plan on making a replica of the sheath provided except made out of leather. The problem is I've never made a sheath for a fixed blade knife before, I've made ones for other people and myself to hold folding knives, but never fixed blade.

So ... how do I go about making sure that the knife blade won't cut through the leather, the leather I have is stiff as a board so there shouldn't be a problem with the sheath bending and the knife poking through.

There's a picture of the knife I ordered along with the provided sheath below.


Are you worried about the blade going through the leather or the stitching around the edge? If the latter is what you are worried about, you can add a billet layer to make sure the knife only rests against the leather billet and never against the stitching.

Yes the stitching was what I was worried about ... thanks for the tip!!!

everything should be fine you might want to put some polyurethane (justa little to have a good coat of stiffness on the inside so it doesnt tear or cut

LoneWolf: Leather knife sheaths and cases are what I do. I'm sure you have started with your sheath for the wolf knife by now (I have the same knife) but if I can help you with sheath making just let me know. Ted Armstrong Rocky Mount NC


8 years ago

Maybe try making a kydex sheath and covering it with leather.

Well, it came with a Nylon sheath. Maybe I could cover that with leather?

Looking forward to the published Ible on this when you finish :-)

Haha, lol .... Actually, that's a good idea!!! Maybe I will if I can find my camera.

To start, that is a pretty awesome knife :D To business: A decent weight veg tan leather (5 or 6 ounces should be good) will resist bending. The other trick is to wet the leather and stitch it, forming it to the shape of your blade, and letting it dry. For finish, dye and neatsfoot oil will keep things happy.

Thanks :D I got a display case to put it in when I'm not using it. Alright, thanks a ton!!! Just one more question, I read somewhere that oil can soften the leather, and I definitly don't want that happening, so is there a certain type of oil that won't soften it?

Some oils do indeed soften. Neetsfoot makes it more supple and water resistant, but does not soften it. Baking the oiled leather will harden it.

Alright, thanks!!! It just arrived today and I'm going to start on the sheath later so this info came right in time!!!