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Knife blade tip repair... Answered

Aye well, someone dropped BOTH of my best knives, and now I have a bent, chipped knife blade tip. I've got a standard knife sharpener, and small whetstone I need to learn how to use, and advice? Here's some pics of the damage


I have that same knife. Small world :)

Oh, dang! That's why I don't let people borrow my best knives anymore. I keep a beat-up, dull knife for that. They've stopped asking, and I like it that way. No more using the tips of my knives as screwdrivers, people! To fix the very tip, I'd Slice across the whetstone like I'm shaving off bark: using the whole length of the knife, a shallow angle, medium pressure, a medium-fast speed, and making sure that I drag the tip along the stone at what I want the finished angle to be. On a medium stone. Stones should come with directions on if you should use water or oil (I prefer oil). Use the recommended lube. Don't try it dry if the stone isn't designed for it, you'll leave gouges in your blade. With effort and attention, you can get a better than new edge and tip on it.

If the "grinding" will take more then a second or two, you may overheat and de-temper the blade, making it even more susceptible to bending. I would suggest a stream of water or oil over the blade at the grind point to prevent this.

OK, is there a particular direction to grind with the whetstone?

If you grind "towards" the edge, you will end up needing to remove burr (but this is the safest way to grind initially anyways)...in either case you will still have to use a finer stone to sharpen eventually...I recommend a hard and soft set of Arkansas Stones, if you can find them, for the final sharpening.

Actually, it's an ARkansas stone:-) Just ask Nacho or the Skunk family! (It used to be ILLEGAL in Arkansas to misspell or mispronounce the name of our state!)

Sorry about that, and because I have a really nice boxed pair of stones, I have no excuse for "misspelling" it, except to blame my poor "typing" skills ;-)

That's OK, at least you were'nt IN Arkansas when it happened, so I don't think you can be prosecuted!-)


9 years ago

Table-top grinder. Does a lot of work in a quick amount of time, just make sure to keep your blade at a uniform angle.

Erm... I listed what I have access to...

You don't have a table-top grinder? What about a Dremel, you DO have a Dremel right?

That'll work, my Dremel came with a lawn-mower blade sharpener, and thats what I use to sharpen my knives!

How old is the knife? Also, where did you buy it? Most higher-quality knives chip rather than bend. If this isn't something that cost you a ton, then your best option would be to unbend the tip with some pliers and put a new point on it with the whetstone. Simple fix really.

High carbon steel normally chips or breaks, some cheaper stainless steels have more "flex" in them or if it happens to be a spring steel, it may have bent.

One (Frost Delta Ranger) was given to me, the other I bought either this spring or last spring...

You may have to sharpen a whole new tip on to it or you could use a strong clamp to squeeze it straight then use a sharpener...

Straighten it out any you can with a pair of pliers, just so you have less grinding to do.