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Knife making Answered

I had made a few knives in my day, and one sword (long long ago, and no, I don't still have it).

One of the places that has been around for awhile that has a good selection of supplies AND kits (for the beginner up to the master smith) is the Texas Knife Maker's Supply store

Another place that looks good, although I have never dealt with them is the MidWest Knife Makers supply

I also came across a place to get a Sheffield's Supply Catalog on line.

And then there is always the Jantz Supply site.

I hope these prove to be useful to you.



Hello, here is good site for knife makers: http://www.jatagan.eu/en/

I am going to be getting into making some knives,  not forging, but stock removal as I can't justify making a forge and finding an anvil etc etc for something i've never done yet.

If anyone is looking for a Canadian knife supply store there is http://www.knifemaker.ca/

Also if anyone is looking for info or inspiration I go to the british blades forum.   Lots of smart cookies there and get rookies like me quite excited

Hi Goodhart. I'm an amateur knife maker and wondering how I would go about making a knife with a folding and locking mechanism. Any Ideas?

I haven't a clue on this one. Although, if you obtain one that does as you wish, but is broken (like the blade is snapped off or whatever) or is very inexpensive, you could disassemble it and maybe pick up some ideas that way. Just be careful of cutting yourself :-)

Ok, thanks. I was pointed to this site by another member. Check it out.
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There are quite a few sites which have shematics of famous kife brands like leatherman and buck, you could steal some of the ideas or just get creative and make your own

Yeah, but to make a quality knife, it would cost much more to do it one's self than to purchase, but if you have the patience to work with good stainless steel, then I would say:   go for it :-) 
Sorry for my delayed response.....Thank you for that reference

I have a made a few knives...they are paper though so I guess they don't count

new pics 054.jpg
Well, that is a start as far as design is concerned.   Better to make a paper mistake then one in metal and have to start over with it ;-)

I have always had a facination with swords and knives. I used to do landscaping and I found a sword with its blade bent and stuck in a bush. I took it home and straightened it out the best I could. I figure it is a prop as the pommel and hilt are made of brass which makes it very heavy and unbalanced.

24 hour emergency preparedness kit

Yeah, but this one here seems a little steep, but maybe not (I've been out of touch for awhile, prices-wise)

Have you ever forged your own knives from steel stock?

I made a sword, years ago....from a pickup truck leaf spring. But it got lost in one of my moves :-(

How do you loose a sword? It's not like you can put in any regular ordinary box...

Yeah, that is the point. It was, #1: not quite finished. and #2: I didn't have room for it on several trips during my hasty move just before the divorce of my first wife. Then it got forgotten.

Things happen and sometimes we let them happen, and sometimes we make them happen. I am sorry that I lost half my library to that move too.

Hmmm, sometimes me thinks I found the old wife's half sister :-)

Tis ok, what bothers me most is that it got pitched later on....

The partially finished broad sword I was making.

May your sword come back to you someday.

I'd be satisfied with my little Blacksmith's shop :-) I could always make another. But that is not going to happen....not before I get to be too old to swing a sledge

Well good to hear that you'll not be given up on making a sword yet.

But that is not going to happen....


yah that suck man i haven't really forged alot lately i do things in spurts. altogether im a musician, blacksmith,foundry man, stencilist,woodworker, and amatuer electrician. The only real forging i've done was on Rebar and some scrap metal... i wish i still had the tools i made from rebar but i framed them and gave them to my uncle for christmas.

I had to sell ALL my blacksmithing tools long LONG time ago (about 27 years ago) to pay for debts that my wife had created. So I haven't been able to do anything along those lines since.