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Knife with glass and Silver handle Answered

Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and I have made something I wanted to share and get some feedback. This is "Art Knife" I used a method I invented to etch hardened glass with colored images and made some into what I think is a pretty cool knife. The glass is held in place on a nice Damascus blade with a Sterling Silver frame. The etching can be of any subject, I chose the animals because they look nice but I could have put a portrait or other designs on my knife. I also want to use this technique for other fine items like memorials, awards, etc. The etching never wears because it's covered in a layer of Pyrex glass by baking it in a kiln. What do you think of this idea? Any feedback greatly appreciated! Cheers, John


really cool...post this as an instructabe!

nice ))

beautiful knife ))) i like it )

You made this at home? No way! You must be at a knife factory somewhere, right. How can we do this at home. Need some instruction. Tell us how you did it. OK?

I notice that you posted almost exactly the same in four other forums, but in none of these did I find a link to http://pedini.net/


Because I am looking for some feedback on the knife, I am not looking to sell anything at the moment although I am hoping there will be some interest and feedback on the idea. Some forums do not allow links to sites with something to sell which is the eventual idea. The web site is just a couple of days old Cheers,

Thanks lemonie, have done. I'd be interested to know which other forums you saw this! We must have similar interests!! Cheers, John

I "knew" you would have a website somewhere, so I searched for yourself and knives (different result then though). If you're coming from somewhere and you've got a site, it's quite acceptable to fill in these things on the profile.


As a rule, the members of this site would be more interested in how they could make similar knives, especially at the prices on your site.

Probably the best ways to get more sales through Instructables would be either to sponsor a knife-related contest (maybe offering a simple example of your work as a prize, or paying for a number of the ever-popular personalised Leathermen?) - you'd need to contact one of the Team to sort the details - or to post an Instructable of the making process you follow.

Haha, you suddenly reminded me of #2 son there.

He's 8, and has far too much energy.

I am with LR, I need a leatherman but can't afford one just now.....but I would LOVE a contest featuring a few as prizes :-)

Wow. That is really awesome. Post an instructable!

That's very nice - why not post a full instructable of your method?