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Knifes From Things Around The House Answered

Can you think of ways to make a knife out of cheap, easy to find items around the house? I came up with a knife made out of a Penny and a Nickle! Now lets see what you can thing of! (butter knifes, dinner knifes, and pocket knife do not counts , be creative :P )


Broken glass and ceramics are ultra sharp but the sharpness is very short lived

That coin knife is really cool!

Old sawblades make great knives. The handle of a large spoon is good for a "shank". An old file can be made into a decent knife too.

Now there you are talking real knives :-) tempered / hardened steel, yep, yep

Most every kitchen around here has a couple of knives in the drawer that the old men made 50 or 60 years ago out of old cross-cut blades.

yes, I had, at one time, a small collection of knives like that.

I've got some old saw blades. I may see if my kids want to use them to make X'mas presents for the little old ladies at church. A lot of the older folks really appreciate the hand-made kitchen knives.

Well, some of the cheap junk they sell as knives now a days in stores aren't worth the time to sharpen them. I still like having a good ole carbon steel knife (my Barlow pocket knife I still have from age 14, for instance), and though I have to take a little better care of it (it can get rusty), it holds an edge better then anything my wife has in the kitchen that is stainless steel.

Yeah. I have a couple of Old Timers from like 30 years ago, and they are better than my newer stainless Case XX knives.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have a small Case knife somewhere....I will have to dig that out....I think it is in a tool box somewhere :-)

various rulers ? could be shaped and a handle added


9 years ago

Ummmm well for 1 I was asking other people to make some, and that ible was on making a dinner knife into a knife, which I specifically said didn't count........

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Though it seems like a strange endeavour I can think of a few good ones to use, a decent steel ruler could be edged, sharpened and given a handle. A larger key could be made in to a small straight bladed half round kind of affair, smaller ones could be made in to a serrated blade... Bits of shelves, you know the old ones could yield some useful starting shapes.

There's a really good 'Ible on it...