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Kno2 + sugar + playdough = moldable putty flash powder? Answered

so i was just wondering, could i mix potassium nitrate/sugar smoke bomb/flashpowder mix with playdough to create and expedient moldable flash substance? 


Something that is malleable like marshmallows, cotton candy, and frosting but not moist like play dough would work better.

Try cake frosting. Or marshmallows.

The water content of the playdough might cause problems (think: damp gunpowder); you will probably have to let it dry out completely before lighting it.

Having said that, you might be able to get away without the sugar at all, just blending the KNO3 into the dough, then leaving it to dry, might do the job you want (if it works, I think a cup-shaped piece would create more of a jet than a cloud...)