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Knock-off of minecraft Answered

ok so I am having problems with minecraft so I need your help

is there a game LIKE minecraft wich runs on the 3D engines Unity or Java where you can mine and bulid and you have to deafeat hostiles <--- (not needed) and it is a free roam and it HAS TO be free Just give me something like minecraft and is 3D and ill take it



Best Answer 6 years ago

Yes, there is, its called "Minetest"
You can download it HERE:

I'm not a gamer myself but I've read a few reviews that rated it highly. There are some videos of the gameplay on YouTube if you want to take a look at it before you cownload.
Google MINETEST for the videos.

Yeah. actually i know two. Castleminer, and Total Miner Forge. both of them are 3D but i dont think they are for PC.

Minecraft classic?
On the minecraft homepage.