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Krazy Knexers Answered

How old are most knexers these days? I do not want your real age, but instead a range. 7 or under, 8 - 10, 11 - 13, 14 - 16, or 17 and older. Please leave comments on your age so I can publish a graph.


i'm 12... seriously

The youngest i know of is Flie-ing Goose who was 9. And then theres mepain and a lot of the KIers who are about 20ish.

my neighbor is 6 and he builds guns all the time. he has never heard of ibles and im not gunna mention the site to him because hes a little young. mabey in a year or two tho :) he makes guns with mags and true triggers, but they arent that great.... but they work! not super well tho.... but still!

prob. 8-15


i agree with shadow, 12 to 16 is about right

What places.... do you mean. Are your younger friends online, siblings, cousins, uncles, cheese, internet, opps did I say cheese.

I have a quick note for any of my fans(if I even have any) about coming instructables. I have a low piece turret that shoots 80 feet, How to make creamy hot cocoa, a new sport using a ripstick,and how to build a chiminea out of about 60 bricks. Which should I publish first.

So far it seems like the average age is 14-15. please keep posting so I can get more accurate results.

I would estimate a mean of around 12-17 years old (although there are quite a few older and younger)

that sounds correct, but maybe more like 11-16, but that all depends if you include all the knexers that join but just post one bad gun with bad instructions and leave, there around 10-11.

Well than how old are you really? You look like you are only ten. Are you really Canadian?

To quote K'nex, yes! They shouldn't be on the site if they are under 13, but I'd say 10-18. I think Oodalumps and Perfect Duck are about that now.

But there are lots of people on this site under 13... And you only need to be Plue 13 to be a member.

And you need to be a member to post comments, so all recognised kenxers on here are either over 13 or breaking rules, but I don't really care.

The only reason for the over 13 rule is because it is illegal for the management team to know someones email below that age I think.

Well that doesn't stop too many people now does it. Sorry I_AM_CANADIAN. I didn't mean to bug you about your age. I was just curious.


9 years ago