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Kyoto trough 2 wing concept. Try it in a panel cooker? Answered

Panel cookers are simple solar cookers that are made by folding cardboard. When folded, sunlight shines on the panels and gets reflected to the cooking pot. (Normally the cooking pot is painted black and it is often covered in an oven bag to keep heat in better). But, I have never seen a picture of a panel cooker with the side folds in towards the cooking pot instead of out away from the pot. My tests indicate that it will cook for a longer time if you face the side panels in. Anyone want to try it? Also, the tests in software show that a normal panel cooker might give better if it was made with a long tail in line with the path of the sun. Would you like to make small ones and compare this to a normal panel cooker? Small ones heating pint jars of water might be very good for comparison. I have too much cloudy weather to do this. Also, do not worry too much about parabolic. A part circle is just as good for solar cooking and the important thing is to have the axises of curve (Perhaps there is a correct word?) of the troughs or panels at right angles to each other. Brian


The half-kyoto trough design looks much easier to work with, move around, and deal with in low winds. I like your idea of beginning to standardize around evaluation of the designs (using glass pint jars, say) so that results can be compared. I really admire your work, gaiatechnician!

Just take everything as theory for now. I have to do little models of the trough and test them with the laser level to be sure that things happen as I think they do. It is so easy to be wrong!

Thank you, I wish I was retired and had more time to play with this! And that I lived somewhere where the sun shines more reliably. Perhaps someone into oragami will use silvered paper to do the necessary tests. With the half-kyoto trough design, if it was equatorial mounted,I think you could perhaps shape the little bottom trough to send the light right to the point of rotation, That might be very useful for heat storage or a super insulated box cooker with a small bottom window for heat input. Brian