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L293D with 12V motor issue? Answered


Now i wanted to control a 12V motor with a L293D chip.my purpose is to make the motor go forward and reverse with the control of Arduino.I got a wiring from internet.but I think is incomplete wiring.the arduino uses 5v power rail and the motor uses 12v power rail.from the wiring i cannot find the GND with the 12V power.so strange.i want to know how the 12V rail GND wire goes?



Yes ground your 12 volt supply with the arduino ground (negative). i.e pins 4,5 - 12 and 13.

Please note:

The L293 D has a current limit of ONLY 600 Ma or just over 1/2 an amp. Your motor may well exceed this. As the L293D has an auto over current cut off this makes it look like it isn't working or works in strange ways.

So now i will try L298N motor module instead.as the L298 supply 2A current to the motor.

What is the Arduino



The 12 volt ground is the same grounds the Arduino is connected to.

I would optocouple that just to be sure 12 volts don't feed back to the Arduino but the 12 volt ground is the same 4 pins as the Arduino is connected to.