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LA-based KROQ's Kevin and Bean interview Eric about Instructables Answered

Kevin and Bean from LA's KROQ interviewed me about Instructables this past Tuesday on their morning show. Check out the interview here.

The part of the interview that really made me laugh: "We usually don't recommend sites without boobies, but we really like Instructables!"

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10 years ago

Looks like Eric fixed the typo. Now my comment makes no sense... :-)

Ah well, there is always the delete button LOL

Yeah, deleted. Without the context of the typo, it just appeared disrespectful of an organization I've no reason to dis....

Agreed. and understood

I like the "Get it up online" line.. xD 29 Million page views? That's ridiculous!

That was an AWESOME listen. Just makes me more and more glad I am a part of this site! The broadcasters were pretty funny, and they were like 16 year old boys. It was amusing!

BTW: extolation for bringing this here ship this far *thumbsup*

(Strangely, he seems to have the same accent than the Robot instructable here ... Really bizzzzzare ...)

Hey ! Seems you're becoming more and more famous ! =o)

I like kroq, I didn't know you were interviewed! That was awesome!

dude thats sweet