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LARGE metronome Answered

I need to make a LARGE metronome. I am teaching a beginner band, and the small metronome I have now cannot be seen or heard when everyone is playing.. Something like this would be great:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O219Pm9Sl5Y  but I need it to be HUGE, like 5 feet across.. Similar to a beta brite LED sign array.. ALSO: I want to be able to control the BPM, not just a dial that increases speed and slows it down, I need to be able to put in "80bpm" or "90bpm" etc.. Could I use the above


If you have access to a digital projector, there are a variety of free online metronomes that would meet your needs.

I think you would have better luck in using the audio output from a real music metronome to drive a bank of LEDs, christmas lights, or a string of LED floodlights. There are many circuits for "color organs" and the use of transistors or relays to drive the bright lights from battery or wall power. An arduino would probably need an additional real-time-clock module to ensure the right interval and driving an alphanumeric display with input gets awkward though it can be done. Good luck.